Aye, I can.

Irish dancer, Inis Cairde. U19.

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Orla Godley and Margaret Muise congratulating each other for their terrific results in the U14B competition. 
Photo by Shannon Cohoon



I genuinely don’t understand how some people on this site have the nerve to send anonymous hate messages. Honestly, where are your parents, and did they ever give you an ounce of discipline regarding how you treat other people? And I’m really curious about the response to this last one, how do you…


Edit I made of Julia inspired by her cape! So happy for such a talented and deserving dancer! Her comeback is inspiring!


Melanie Valdez- won and was on crutches a few weeks prior
Kieran McByrne- won with a fever of 104
Christina Wiltz- won U8 as a 6 year old

What’s your excuse?
Get up and get working!

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colourlessglass asked: Hiii I saw your post on dance injuries and I wanted to share mine haha... I take ballet and tap and yesterday in ballet class I took a leap wrong and ended up falling and twisting my knee, ripping cartilage and soft tissue. I've been crying the whole day because I won't be able to dance for 6 months if I'm lucky... I've been dancing since I was 3 and it has been my whole life 😕

That is so sad, I’m sorry :( but it’s going to be okay. You can do this! Do exactly what the doctors say…. And remember mind over matter. If you keep a positive attitude your body will respond better and you can come back stronger. I don’t know why it works, it just does. Chin up, friend! The best and most important thing is to stay involved with dance…. When you’re feeling like all hope is lost your dance friends will help you keep it together! Good luck!

From the girl missing out on the normal world to do the only thing she’s truly passionate about.

A little poem


Sitting on your ass
Won’t win you a sash

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Do it until you can’t get it wrong.


the struggle of not being able to remember your number while awards are being called out for the life of you..

It’s a hello kitty dress…. Omfg


Alliyah O’Hare - 2014 U11 Girls World Champion ❤️

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These are gold.


Cutest worlds pic so far😭 credit to Jimmy McNulty Facebook.

I Pledge Allegiance


I pledge allegiance
To the adjudicators
Of An Comisiun le Rinci Gaelacha.
And to the standards
On which they judge
One rulebook
Under Michael Flatley
With turn out and comments for all.

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