Aye, I can.

Irish dancer, Inis Cairde. U19.

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Do it until you can’t get it wrong.


the struggle of not being able to remember your number while awards are being called out for the life of you..

It’s a hello kitty dress…. Omfg


Alliyah O’Hare - 2014 U11 Girls World Champion ❤️

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These are gold.

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Cutest worlds pic so far😭 credit to Jimmy McNulty Facebook.

I Pledge Allegiance


I pledge allegiance
To the adjudicators
Of An Comisiun le Rinci Gaelacha.
And to the standards
On which they judge
One rulebook
Under Michael Flatley
With turn out and comments for all.

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Crystals for days ✨

Anonymous asked: hey there! congrats on your recent win. I just happened to notice you've dubbed your new (very lovely, btw) dress as "chinese style", "chinese dress", with your name on the back in chinese. you may not be aware, but chinese culture and language isn't a cute accessory for non-chinese people to play with as they wish, and is quite disrespectful. next time, perhaps think twice before appropriating another culture for your solo costume.


Awkward for you.. I’m half Chinese.

I’m just going to send you all of my bully anons from now on and let you deal with them, that was perfect! I don’t understand why anon was so upset though…. Is it really so wrong to appreciate another culture whether you are or aren’t directly related to it? Think of how many irish dancers aren’t irish and we copy irish tradition every time we dance. I don’t understand why it would be so terrible to immerse yourself in another place or people…… And your dress is gorgeous :)


Fall seven times, stand up eight.


Action shots at irish nationals


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Hey everyone! I’m holding a contest!
Goal: Your job is to try to correctly predict all the solo World Champions from Girls and Boys 10-11 up to Senior Ladies and Men. This is just like filling out a March Madness bracket.
How to Enter: Message me and I’ll message you my email address. Then email me your filled out form and your tumblr URL. You can also enter by messaging me your predictions. Please remember not to choose people from schools who are out by association.
Prize: You can either win a Irish Pride Tumbler or Feis Feet Ghillie Slippers. Your Choice.
You don’t have to be following me to enter, but it would be cool if you do. 100% Irish dance blog.
Entries are due by Saturday, April 12th by 11:59PM Central Time.
Please spread this around! Have Fun and Good Luck!

The power of perception and positive thinking


current u13’s!